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About Us

Homeschooling mothers and sisters, Jennifer Steward and Gina Threshie bring their love for history and experience teaching their combined number

of 13 children for a combined number of 45 years…to the

The Great Homeschool History Tour

In 2006, Gina and Jennifer put their heads together and brainstormed up a way to help students and families learn to put the pieces of history together using a fun and interesting format. The idea is that if you immerse kids in a topic throughout one “history day” and involve as many of the senses as possible – kids will actually understand AND remember what they learn. For many history is just a boring topic where you have to memorize a bunch of dates, events, names etc., but it’s so much MORE than that. The HISTerical Sisters want to share His Story – what God has providentially orchestrated through the ages. They jump off the textbooks and into action! Gina and Jennifer not only LOVE history, but they love being silly, adding drama (more like goofing off), costuming, props…it’s like a little piece of Broadway-  in a nutshell!

The HISTerical Sisters teach monthy classes locally, but also travel about presenting themed presentations on over thirty different history topics.

They are available for classroom presentations

(in public or private schools)

camps, homeschool groups…and anyone who will listen!

Call to find out about hosting a History Day, a one, two, or three day “camp” – or just a one hour presentation in your classroom.

Q & A

Q: Are you really sisters?

A: Yes, we are really sisters. Gina is 18 months older than Jennifer

Q: Do you homeschool your children?

A: Yes, we are and have taught all of our children at home all their schooling days!

Q: Where is “home base” for your tours?

A: We both reside in northern California living about 30 minutes from each other but that doesn’t stop us from making numerous phone calls each day to chat about our next class or brainstorm some new idea!

Q: Do you get along?

A: Well we didn’t especially get along when we shared a room growing up, but we have a fabulous time together. The best of friends!

Q: Where did you get the names NeeNee and Tito?

A: These were our childhood names for each other. Jennifer could not say Gina so she said NeeNee and Gina called Jennifer Sisto which came out more like Tito.

Q: Tito pretends to be, well sort of dumb and NeeNee is always the smart one. Is this true?

A: No, while they each have different strengths and weaknesses…they are both equally smart or dumb as the case may be! It’s all  just an act – It worked for Laurel and Hardy and The Smother’s Brothers!