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Our Monthly Class – Auburn, CA

2014 – 2015 History Tour

Upcoming topics – listed below

Also listed below are: Location, Fees, Schedule, Church address, link to Registration Agreement / Fall Sign – Up….and other important information


NOTE: Our regular location at Auburn Grace Community Church is not available until at least November so we will be meeting at Crossroads Calvary Chapel on Hwy 49 and Wolf Rd 10 minutes above Auburn.

After that….

Auburn Grace Community Church

3126 Olympic Way   Auburn, CA 95603

DATE: 2nd Monday of each month

Registration for fall classes is now open.

Please print attached forms to enroll your students (click link below: Fall Agreement 2014)

Hurry…space is limited!

Call 530-333-0803 for more information

Enrollment Fees: Fees are based on the basis of having a minimum number of registrants. Our current fees are $13 per student (not to exceed $50 per family per month)

Please make checks out to: Steward Ship and mail to: Steward Ship/ HSis  P.O. Box 164  Garden Valley, CA 95633

PLEASE do not make checks out to THE HISTERICAL Sisters!

Annual Registration Fee: A one time annual registration fee of $25 per family is also required. Please submit a separate check for the registration fee. Make check out to: Steward Ship


Payment Students are required to enroll for the full year (unless other arrangements are previously made with The HISTerical Sisters. Arrangements are on a case by case basis depending on your circumstances).

Please submit payment in the form of 9 separate checks (post dated for each of the 9 classes offered that year) Please calculate the number of students you are registering X  the fee. The maximum fee is $50 per family per month (so if you have 5 or more students in your family, the fee would not exceed that amount)

AGREEMENT: The Fall Sign – Up is also an “agreement”. Please sign signifying that you understand and agree to the guidelines.

NOTE: You MAY prepay for the full year if you would like. (If you do so, we ask that you submit cash rather than a check) Send in your registration form with a check (to secure your spot) then bring cash on the first day of class and we will replace your check for the cash.

If you are new to The Great Homeschool History Tour, you may come (pay for your first class)  for that one month to “try us out” before making a commitment to pay for the full year of classes.


We are unable to offer refunds. The only time we offer a refund is if a conflict arises because of a schedule change on OUR part (grandbabies being born etc). If weather challenges occur, we will attempt to reschedule the class for the following week. If you decide, for some reason, that you cannot continue after starting our program (i.e., mid year), we cannot offer refunds. Please consider your schedule before registering your children. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for understanding.

To Register – Please download the Fall Registration Form, fill it out and send it in.

Please make checks payable to:

Steward Ship NOT The HISTerical Sisters and send to-

Steward Ship P.O. Box 164  Garden Valley, CA 95633



Fall Agreement 2014on link here…click again when it appears in the next window

Upcoming Topics



First Colonies

American Revolution

America on the Move

Lewis & Clark

Westward Ho

Civil War

Industrial Revolution 





History Days ARE a co-op so we need your co-operation! Since NeeNee & Tito can each only be in one place at a time, we need your help!. Sometimes we do not have enough hands to do all that is needed so starting this History Tour school year, we are requiring all registered families to agree to stay for at least two history co-op days (over the course of the next nine months)…. for the entire day. Some moms always stay while other moms do not stay. If you are in a situation where you cannot stay because you either have a job or have a very young child in tow, then contact us so we can work it out on an individual basis.

NOTICE: Classes will occur on the 2nd Monday of each month. There may be some challenges in the spring as NeeNee has some required testing dates that she will not know about until later.