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The Great Homeschool History Tour

A series of 9 classes taught once a month

all school year

(September – May)

where students enroll in

The HISTerical Sisters program

Topics shown in the right hand column list all the topics we teach! Wow!

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During this time, nine different history topics will be offered. Each month students come to a once a month class dressed in costume (Preferred but not mandatory) They take their seats in the auditorium and visit with friends while “period” music is playingor perhaps in introductory video is shown while  the “moms” have a short meeting.  (Held to apprise moms who are staying, how our day will run and where we need help)


THEN we begin our teaching presentation

Our teaching time is really more like a show as we use lots of visuals, silly antidotes, questions to engage our students, music, etc.

We ask students to pay special attention because at the end of the day we have our “wrap up session” and invite each one to come up and tell us one thing they learned.

After our presentation students break up into groups and rotate to activity stations based on their age / grade level. Upper graders (7-12th grades) do not rotate but take on a special educational (fun) challenge geared toward older students.

The Photo Shoot – one of the 3 activity stations is “the photo shoot”. Students will pose in front of a themed backdrop with costumes and props.

Here’s where our Great Homeschool History Tour takes shape! We will post your child’s picture on an online site where you can go and print or copy your child’s picture and place it onto their scrapbook sheet (provided in class) By the end of the year, students will have collected 9 pictures / pages of their “stops” in history. What an amazing portfolio educational keepsake!

Lunch time -kiddos bring their own lunch. If the weather is nice, they may be able to enjoy their lunch outdoors. 45 minutes is allowed for lunch

After their lunch break we gather them together again for “scrapbooking time”. Each student receives a themed scrapbook page to write what they learned. The take this home and place their photo in the box provided then slip the sheet into a sheet protector in their Great Homeschool History Tour binder.

We encourage students to read some books on the topic and perhaps expand their study by delving deeper into it at home. We hold a binder competition at the end of the year (which is very popular among the kids) and judge them for organization, neatness, extra work and such.

We end our day with our “oh so popular” WRAP UP session. Students of all ages (K- 12th) come forward and tell us that one amazing thing they learned. This is a great way to send them off because they get to hear as many as 70 facts repeated one last time which helps them remember what they learned even better!

We always send a quiz out via email within about a week of the class (for local tours only) …with answers!

(We also look for completed quizzes when judging binders in the end of the year competition)

By the end of this (9:00 – 2:00) fun filled, fact filled exciting history day, our students have seen it, heard it, sung it, tasted it, laid a hold of it through some hands – on activity of some sort, dressed like it, posed for it, and even eaten a themed candy. They DO learn and they DO remember!


A minimum number of students is required to host the “tour” so students are required to enroll for the entire year.

Due to the popularity of our classes and the size of our facility plus our ability to manage the masses…

we require payment for the entire year up front.

(See Local Tour tab for detailed information and payment guidelines and arrangements)

– You may contact us if you would like to discuss possible payment alternatives –