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Traveling Tours

The HISTerical Sisters offer History Days / Tours both locally and by traveling. At the current time we only travel up and down the West Coast offering groups spots for the fall and the spring. We also traveled to Colorado each summer (for four years in a row!) and put on three day “camps” for two different groups. If you are interested in having The HISTerical Sisters come to your area, please give us a call and we can discuss options.


We take our “tour” on the road and put on one, two, and three day History Days for groups in other areas. This can be a great educational enrichment event for your homeschool group, so if you’d like to put together a group (absolute minimum number of 75 required) we’d love to come your way. (See our site for a complete list of topics we offer:

You don’t have anything to worry about because we “bring the show town”. We just ask that you find a facility and get the word out, then collect and organize the registrations.



The “One Day”  fee is $13 per student (not to exceed $50 per family)

The “Three Day” day camp fee is $13 per student each day (not to exceed not to exceed $130 per family for all three days)