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California History

The HISTerical Sisters offer a series of 5 classes on California History!

NOTE: This is different from our Local monthly history tour and it’s also different from our California History Field Trip Tour.

The California History FIELD TRIP Tour is a series of field trips The HISTerical Sisters arrange at various spots that are KEY to California’s history (No field trips are offered at this time)

What is it this amazing class you ask, where students can meet ALL their California History standards in just 5 days?

Carmel Mission

California History In a Nutshell– You Can Get Your California History DONE in 5 classes!

The HISTerical Sisters offer a 5 week class where students will attend from 10:00- 2:00 one day each week for 5 weeks.

In this class The HISTerical Sisters delight students with a fun and interactive teaching time followed by a connecting hands- on activity. There is a morning teaching session and another after lunch. This is a fast moving, fun and educational day where students will cover most all the standards needed for learning California History.


If you’ve wondered how to teach this topic, think no more – join us for one of our 5 week classes.

California History is typically offered in the “4th grade curriculum” . Our class is open to students of any age, but students in the middle elementary grades will benefit the most because of the work we will be doing.

We will cover all the “standards” for California History in these five fun filled, fact filled, interactive, hands – on classes. Students will have a syllabus that will take them through the different time periods associated with California’s History. Students will learn about California’s earliest inhabitants, the explorers who came to the region, the Spanish period, the Mexican period, the American period, settling the state, the Gold Rush, developing cities, water, agriculture and more!

Students will pose for a picture (using our costumes and props) to add to their notebook, engage in hands-on activities, listen to teaching presentations and much more!

Fee: $75.00 per student

Syllabus: $25  Each student attending the class will need a syllabus. The fee is $25 and Includes: binder, section dividers, worksheets for each class and some to complete at home. Recommended reading list, field trip ideas. Stickers and other colored sheets to cut and paste for various activities.

NOTE: Some activities will be included in the class and others can (but are not required) be completed at home.

Class schedule for 2013 – 2014

While we are considering offering our 5 week California History in a Nutshell class this school year, we have no concrete plans at this time. We ARE working on it so the best way to find out if there is one, would be to keep checking back with our site.

Click on link…print off Sign -Up Sheet and send to:

Steward Ship

P.O. Box 164

Garden Valley, CA 95633

Call 530-333-0803


Below is the list of Topics Taught Each Week:

  1. Geography and First Native Inhabitants
  2. Explorers & Missions (Spanish period)
  3. Ranchos, Settling the State & Immigrants (Mexican period)
  4. Gold Rush, Bear Flag Revolt, California Becomes a State, Pioneers West (American period)
  5. California to the present: Hollywood, SF Earthquake, growth of Los Angeles, water supply pipeline and more!

This is a VERY fun and interactive class!

The Hats of History

The HISTerical Sisters teach California History using….HATS. The Hats of History is a special trademarked presentation developed by The HISTerical Sisters.

We use this as a “visual” and interactive way to help lock the time periods of who the people were, who wore the hats, and when ….into the minds of our students!  Each time we get together we do an interactive time of teaching the kids the hats that fit the different time periods and who wore them. This visual helps kids remember the chronology of California’s history!

More info and sign ups coming soon so keep checking back with our site!