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California History

There’s gold in them thar hills – head out with NeeNee & Tito as they take you on a whirlwind tour through California History.  Starting with an overview of the geography that makes California unique – follow the influence of the Native people, early Explorers, the coming of the Spanish Empire, the Mission period, the sprawling Ranchos, settlers seeking land, and the Bear Flag Rebellion.  Learn about the gold discovery of 1848 and the Gold Rush of ’49, the issue of water in Southern California, the Dustbowl Refugees, and more.

Interactive Stations include:
K-6: Mapping California / History of Hobos, and the Great Hobo Relay
Jr / Sr High: learn the art of 1st person interpretation – and have a try at it!
Educators everywhere…listen up! Our program is a perfect addition to your curriculum whatever your needs. Use our DVD (one hour presentation) to get “California History in a Nutshell” …OR implement our complete program to get a the whole picture! History should NEVER be dry and your students will surely remember all the different time periods throughout California’s history using HATS – a great visual.