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Cover your head! NeeNee & Tito will take you on a tour through US history exploring 8 different Disasters!  Four man-made, and four natural disasters which changed communities, laws,and safety procedures.  Topics covered included: 1816 – the year with no summer; 1871 – The Great Chicago Fire; 1888 – The Great Blizzard; 1889 – the Johnstown Flood; 1906 – the San Francisco Earthquake; 1912 – the Titanic; 1918 – the Influenza Pandemic; and 1919 – the Great Molasses Flood.

Interactive stations include:

K-6: Learn the history and role of the Salvation Army in responding to disasters / Science Connection: volcanoes & Molasses!
Jr / Sr High – learn to sing “It is Well, With My Soul” in 3 part harmony.  Learn the connection this song has to 2 of the disasters!