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Orphan Trains, Land Runs, & the Transcontinental Railroad

Now here’s a part of our history that was pretty much missed in the history books. Unless you got your hands on one of the “orphan train” books or watched the movie “Far and Away” (oooh watch it first for there are a few scenes you don’t want the youngin’s to see!), you may not have heard about these important events.

If you joined us for our Immigration study or Industrial Revolution co-op,then you may have wondered whatever happened to all those kids in the cities. Well, many of them became orphans and the Children’s Aid society got the bright idea that life might be better for them out in the Midwest to live on farms. That wasn’t a bad idea either…so stay tuned and find out what became of em’.


And if you wondered about all that land in  Oklahoma where all the Indians went during The Trail of Tears….well you might want to stake a claim and try to get 160 free acres! Just don’t squat on someone else’ claim or be a “sooner” trying to get there first. Whatever you decide you should plan to take this tour with Nee Nee and Tito fer their headin’ west!